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29 Oct 2001 / 11:53 p.m.
.:  moving + ice packs + blood in mouth

i was chewing on ice earlier tonight and bit the fuck out of my tongue. it's a particular sensation - the ice and blood foam in between your teeth and under your tongue. i push it up to my soft palate and forget about it. the throb moves through my jawbone and curls up in my head, in my temple, and then that goes. sublimated.

raven and i traded a few emails about moving away and finding a new home. she said that she knew the time was coming when she spent time away from her house and couldn't imagine going back for anything in the world. paraphrased, that's what she said.

It occurred to me that the drum machine in the intro to the Manics' "You stole the sun from my heart" is very Revolting Cocks.

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