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28 Oct 2001 / 12:04 a.m.
.:  chasing rabbits

i went to san jose yesterday to see jane's addiction and visit becky from the radiohead mailing list. the show was fantastic spectacle - perry's ass, sequins, blacklight, fire, intellibeams, screaming people everywhere, haze of drugsmoke, moonglow air pollution outside the shoreline canopy. i saw jane's when i was a kid in 1991. ten years later it still moves me the same way - resolve to be free, to live off the clock. fuckin' rockstars.

becky was sweet and fed me apple jacks and let me sleep on her unbelievably comfortable couch, played music for me - she's the best.

on the way there i flew through the sierras to "under the flightpath" by darren price. On the way back it was an old 97s comp that becky made me. the forest fit both, or i did, or maybe both. it made sense.

i'm going to drink beast ice at matt's now. goodnight.

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