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07 Nov 2001 / 2:29 p.m.
.:  don't worry the prime rate is dropping.

i've caught myself humming carpenters' songs twice today. bobby mcferrin once. all three times i laughed, which upset the account manager down the hall. he is trying to tell his wife about the prime rate dropping, and refinancing their house and such. he's on a cell phone. he has a perfectly good phone on his desk. this makes me laugh again softly.

found a poem that i wrote while in portland. thought i'd left it in with all tyler's stuff, but it fell out of my bag at work. web dev fitness guy asked about it. i told him. he said the only guys he knows that wrote poetry are faggots. fucking christ, i said. i wish he were an anolmaly. he isn't.

work doesn't involve much now. i am on a pet project. it's data entry. el jefe said i was the best for the job b/c it needed a "human touch." human -data entry- touch. i don't get it. that's like saying telemarking requires a human touch. only at the surface level. ultimately it sucks the life right out of you though, doesn't it? i've never done telemarketing, but it seems that way.

i am thinking about portland. i will think even more about portland once i go back to putting words from business cards into little database fields.

once i move to portland i will go to lewis and clark, or to reed. finish my degree - i'm fixated on that lately. they seem like good schools. reno is shrinking fast.

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