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31 oct 2002 / 3:27 a.m.
.:  mailbox + rain.

tonight i walked in rain and falling leaves. it has been grey for several days, and the ground and sidewalks are soaked. i had something to put in the mail, and decided to walk downtown to the post office.

it is strange how quiet the world is when it is wet - water seems to soothe and hush. i walked past houses with open curtains, light from television spilling out windows and splashing on the soaked ground. the rainbows of oil on wet concrete sparkled with the glow of newscasters and sports. i stopped on a corner and watched the colors change on the pavement. inside the nearby home a man and woman watched car advertisements. i wanted to tell them about outside, about the oil in their driveway and the picture there, but shook it off. they wouldn't come outside, and i'd probably end up talking to a cop instead. maybe there's no difference in the colors i saw and the ones they did, but maybe there is.

today, when i wake up, i must remember to say goodbye to god. blessed samhain to you pagans.

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