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29 Oct 2002 / 1:08 a.m.
.:  pizza robber

i changed a few things again. seems to work fine in explorer 6.0 - on windows, yes. don't give me shit about using windows. if i had 4 grand to spend on a TiBook, that's what i'd use. anyway, if it's broken, lemme know. thanks.

seems like it didn't convert any of my older entries. i guess that's really no big deal.

it rained some more today. i took the dog out for a short walk around 9pm, and got spotlighted by some cop. cop follows me at a distance, keeping that damn beam on me. finally, he stops me.

cop: 'scuse me, sir? you mind stepping over here?

me: um. sure.

cop: (looks me over) you walkin' that dog?

me: yes. i am walking the dog. can i help you with something?

cop: well, seems there was a robbery at the pizza hut on first street. we're looking for a hispanic male, about 5'5", in a yellow ski jacket.

(i am 5'10", don't look hispanic, and am wearing a beat-up blue hoodie)

me: well, if i see him, i promise not to take him down myself.

cop: okay, then. be aware. good night.

i think i spotted about 5 squad cars skulking about in the rain in the 10 blocks we walked. i wonder if they caught that kid. i wonder why he stole that money in the first place. small towns are a lousy place to be a petty criminal. cops are bored and get sorta tightly-wound.

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