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27 Jul 2002 / 5:23 a.m.
.:  milestones.

today i am 27 years old.

i have been breathing and thinking and learning and feeling for 9855 days, give or take.

tonight i learned about walking long distances in steeltoed boots. it was a refresher course.

people worry a lot about death. 27 is a not a milestone birthday: 27 is not 18, 27 is not 21. but it is a year older. i think everyone thinks about death on their birthday. all adults do, anyway.

people fear the forever of death. it hangs somewhere, obscured by clouds, in the future. people don't think they know anything about death; this is not true. behind you, before your birth day, death stretches out - just as long as the one is front of you. were you afraid then?

neither was i.

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