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04 Jul 2002 / 3:17 a.m.
.:  sainthood

two nights ago aaron canonized me. saint christobal, patron of midnight walks and protector of convenience store clerks.

tonight: i walk down a quiet sidewalk at 2am. portland skies are neon pink; it is suspended by columns of light from downtown and the empty river docks. far away i hear fireworks scream and pop. i cannot see them. 3 teenagers are moving up 50th; we are heading to the same store. they are drunk and yelling at cars. i am on edge: i don't like angry drunks. in the store, i talk to the kid that looks like seth green. there are two clerks on overnights at the plaid pantry - the redhaired gay kid with the disarming smile and the seth green agitprop kid. he finds my cigarettes, counts my change back, tells me how much he hates working holidays. i nod. we talk. the teenagers loiter outside, get impatient, and leave.

he looks at me and grins: "i hate those kids. they make me nervous. so fucking loud, all the time. it freaks me out."

we go outside and smoke. he puts his out on the sole of his shoe, exhaling "glad they didn't come in. maybe you scared them off." i tell him "serendipity."

on the way home, i think about a time when i was between someone's thighs and she looked at me and cooed "goddamn, you are a fucking ninja!" it made me laugh, and i could hear the teenagers screaming at cars down the road.

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