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06 Jul 2002 / 3:38 p.m.
.:  stories sold on silent film

my friend andrew showed up on my doorstep yesterday. he rode his bike from reno to portland. adventure boy! we picked up anna and went to tyler + jen's place.

earlier: tyler and i had gone out - walked up and down hawthorne, ended up in a vietnamese cafe drink stong tea eating noodles and talking chomsky. in the middle of this i just stopped midsentence. he looks at me, says "you just realized what a fucking commie you are, didn't you?" we laughed. the chemistry and cues of old friends. we ended up at jackpot and bought some music. we rented a video for that night.

so the video was a trio of experimental films made in the 1920s. the first was by dali, the second by welles, and i was too distracted by conversations bouncing around me to catch anything about the third. i was sitting in the middle of friends from three places, three periods of my life: arizona + reno + portland. i was quiet for a few minutes, and listened to ideas and laughing. in the in between spaces i was a 26 year old having beers with my 18 year old, telling stories that were new all over again.

andrew and anna, chayla and jeremy, tyler and jennifer: i love you guys so much.

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