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some things / noted at 3:18 a.m.
.:  vida (a biographic note)

- i am a 26 years old male. sometimes i feel much younger. sometimes i feel much older.

- leo sun. picean moon. ascendant in virgo, mercury in the 11th house.

- spiritually: extracting the anima of taoism/zen and shamanism. use of psychedelic drugs. ecstatic dance.

- like most people of my generation, i am disthymic. in other words, i am sad a good deal of my waking hours for "no reason."

- my father is mexican (since naturalized) basque. my mother is a white girl (dutch, english, french if you ask her). they divorced when i was a baby. everyone's better off for it, honestly.

- i try to write a lot. it's a cathartic thing for me. head-clearing.

- i read a lot. mostly fiction. old and new words are both okay with me: i am equal parts postmodern + romantic.

- i listen to different types of music. on my desk right now: mahler, iris, the aphex twin, deathcab for cutie, spiritualized, patsy cline.

- i love my family and friends very much.

- art and its creation is something i care about very deeply.

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