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14 Mar 2003 / 10:02 p.m.
.:  a short trip

tomorrow i'm heading back to portland. only for a week - the official reason is that i need to get my remaining things out of pay storage. really, though, i'm going because i need to come up for air.

colorado is really a simple place for me to be: i have few monthly expenses, few distractions, and can focus on paying off debt and going back to school. but these are practical things, and i am not a practical person. i can focus on them, and recognize that they're necessary, but none of it reminds me that i am alive. i can find distraction and beautiful things here, but i miss people. specific people, but also people in general. i am very isolated from people here.

it will be good to break out of this for a while.

plus i will be driving through idaho. i've never been to idaho. new places are good to see.

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