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05 dec 2002 / 6:34 p.m.
.:  hopi stargazing.

let me tell you something:

if, by some chance, you find yourself on highway US-160 between Tuba City and Kayenta, look up.

if it is nighttime and clear, you will see thousands of stars. stars like sand kicked across the sidewalk - that many. you will see an arm of the milky way, like an icy river. press your face against the windshield and look until you are dizzy and your breath fogs the glass. feel small.

if it is daytime, look at the red rock and earth and blue blue sky. the sun will be up there, hiding the other stars, all apolonian and imperious. look, get dizzy, feel small.

if we could see the sky from cities, maybe we could be more mindful and small.

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