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27 nov 2002 / 4:08 a.m.
.:  lemur dream.

i had a strange dream:

it is jumbled in my head already, and all i remember are scenes. maybe there was no plot. that wouldn't be that strange.

i was in sandiego, at a university filled with grey stone buildings covered in black ivy. there was a pool in the center of the campus, surrounded by old stone amphitheatre-style seating. in the center of the pond there was a stone island filled with lemurs. the water was black and brakish - something like the ivy hanging from everything. i was sitting in the amphitheatre with a woman i didn't know very well. i remember that she had dark hair, dark eyes, and very soft pale skin. we were kissing, watching lemurs and other people, then kissing again. i remember she tasted like italian soda syrup, but i don't remember what sort. it was very cloudy and cold, but after we had kissed for a while the sun burned off the clouds and it was warm. there was another scene where the two of us were walking across campus, and ran into someone i knew who had lost his notebook. i gave him mine, which was filled with german caberet song lyrics. the boy started singing the songs after a nearby victrola started playing music. the lemurs from the island came to hear the songs, then people came, and there was dancing. it got very dark, and began raining, though there were no clouds. the stars were very big and close by.

that's all i remember. i've only been to sandiego twice, and both visits were when i was a small kid. i don't know how i knew we were in sandiego, but i did. it just was.

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