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06 nov 2002 / 1:42 p.m.
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meta is inconsolable. i encouraged him to take a meyers-briggs personality test at (i hear they are charging now) and he came up as an idealist - an INFP, actually. in all fairness, he's taken the test before and come up as an INTP. i can easily see him on the cusp of the two.

another meyer-briggs thought:

i try not to dwell on politics. i am an ENFP - the champion archetype. that means, like it or not, i have the potential to rant like an old testament prophet on a university mall. it also means that i worry about politics, because i get caught up in good/evil ideology even though i know those concepts are subjective. the point: conservatives piss me off. they swept the elections last night, so i am doubly pissed off.


i think tonight i'll sleep on the floor: i want my muscles stretched, and my bones to snap back into place. my bed here is too soft; i miss my futon.

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