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08 Sep 2002 / 6:07 p.m.
.:  yaoi, trains, rodents, and other things.

a few scattered things:

a squirrel has taken up residence outside my window. it runs up and down trees and scolds my cat. i had a dream last night that it was in the house, stealing katie's cat food. i don't know if squirrels have cheek pouches, but in my dream it did.

tonight i am going to jeremy's with some friends. we are supposed to talk about politics. by politics i really mean sociology. i don't know if i am up for that, but i've already committed. talking about humans as a whole either leads to deep depression or reticent optimism. i want to believe that we are ultimately ok and will survive. i really do.

i learned that there is a name for anime boy-on-boy porn: yaoi. angela told me. there are a lot of words out there.

someone i talk to sometimes is going to go freight-riding soon. it seems like a beautiful and dangerous way to see the country: rolling green landscapes punctuated by dismal iron trainyards. we decided there is no sound more romantic or lonely than the midnight freight whistle. it cuts across every town.

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