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28 Aug 2002 / 3:56 a.m.
.:  ladybug.

tonight i rescued a ladybug from the sink.

i spotted her in the black beans and bits of lettuce in the mesh stuffcatcher in the bottom of the drain.

i scooped her up with a spoon: she reflected: spots stretched out along the arc in the chrome. i took her out to the front garden. i set the spoon against a spindly leaf, and she climbed off and away. i stood and watched her pick her way down; grey clouds raced down to the river.

once, as a boy, i visited a ladybug rock. the ladybug rock was granite boulder that sat on a mountain. a rock slide left it in a red dust field edged in black twisted pines and sage. it was covered in a red cherry black-spotted shell game. stop-move-stop. i watched the game, and tried to guess which was the first ladybug on the rock. i stared a long time - until the whole rock was a ladybug. i decided to stare longer; i wanted to see what would happen next. my stepdad wanted to leave so i stopped looking and climbed into our old van.

i want to go back. i want to turn the mountain into a ladybug.

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