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24 Aug 2002 / 3:24 a.m.
.:  shakedown

my new friend eris is staying with me for awhile. she is from the east coast, and spent the last 8 months farming in hawaii. she is teaching me things about bagels, hearts, and anarchy.

last night she and i went to the protest downtown; bush was in town shaking down the local rich folks for an oregon senator. eris and i pushed up to the south barricade. everyone was chanting, the smell of people was everywhere. i looked at the cops through their riot shields: they were angry, scared, and tired. i looked at the activists and saw the same thing. my eyes started tearing up pretty bad. i wonder how much was was feeling, and how much was lingering pepper spray in the air.

The whore hustle and the hustlers whore
The city's ripped right to the core
- pj harvey, "the whores hustle and the hustlers whore"

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