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23 Jun 2002 / 1:05 a.m.
.:  a saturday, divided.

lots of time spent outside today: i picked up some albums i've been wanting - the mountain goats' ghana, smog's rain on lens, and amc's everclear. tyler and jeremy and i sat in streaming sunlight and listened to new music, talking in bursts while the cd player slowed between tracks, crunching algorithms. i don't remember what we talked about, but it was good, and i was happy.

tonight jen, tyler, nick, and i went to the Laurelhurst and watched a scratchy lo-fi pink panther. i paid half-attention:

the old vinyl seat, its padding crushed, was a distraction.

the drunk girl behind us, laughing too loud in half-steps, was a distraction.

night always comes with a certain clarity; darkness kills details and i see i am a fabric the daytime obliterates.


the mind is always working
out ways to see
the things i shouldn't see
and have the things i shouldn't have
i see the night sky as a jewelry store window
and my mind as half a brick.

smog. natural decline.

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