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19 Jun 2002 / 3:20 a.m.
.:  walks. surprises.

i love the feeling of falling in love with a new city.

i went for a walk earlier tonight - sometime around midnight. underworld pulsed along under my footsteps as i walked toward the willamette river, then bounced me up the hill on the way back. my neighboorhood is so beautiful: rock and moss and lush plants and trees and 3 beautiful el caminos. the houses are wonderful, too. i like the wild yards best; they smell like rich soil and living things. i don't understand why people edge and manicure their yards.

i met anna on sunday. she is an amazing human! i love meeting people that get the things i get. it's precious and rare and restores my faith in the universe.

nice girls sent me presents this week. i am not sure why, but it was fun and i am grateful. i have a "piper at the gates of dawn" and live ween (boognish!) bootleg + i have a changeling book now. much to listen to and read.

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