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07 Jun 2002 / 5:47 p.m.
.:  entropy vs. bugpowderdust

i am getting to know this town in a insides-to-outsides way.


tyler and i went to hawthorne - specifically to jackpot records. i got all mooney over handbills and all sorts of rockpop disjecta around the store (remember that i am from a small town and easily impressed by big big city things). tyler got to the serious business of buying records. i watched the clerk evaluate his purchases. there was approval. tyler, true to form, did not notice.

earlier in the day, he took me to movie madness to show me the mugwamp there. it was big and dusty and the latex was rotting. i thought about naked lunch, and tried to imagine this thing fucking some poor bastard in the ass. couldn't do it; it'd fall apart. i wonder if that's why cronenberg cut that scene from the movie.

soundtrack: dj qbert. demolition pumpkin squeeze musik. next: hot sauce in the dickhole. the album, not the activity.

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