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23 May 2002 / 1:31 a.m.
.:  formula for sharing a fruit

a formula for sharing a fruit
borrowing heavily from John Hughes Movies and Artaud's The Theatre and its Double

you know, i really should've kissed you 10 years ago or more
once, especially, on a halloween
in an anonymous church
we were dancing to something
do you remember what it was? i don't.

so years pass and we're talking again
14 people between us, good and bad
and i am falling for you again
like being 14
and fastidious in not-wanting
only i am weaker now
and i tell you so

we meet half-way over telephone lines
carrier wave surrogates
i am thinking of your breath
steam on the receiver

earlier i fell asleep
i was downloading some damian jurardo, i think
i had a dream that i was in a hothouse
and there were plants fat with heat and water
there were megaphones hanging in the corners
tinny sound pumped out: nothing recognizable
we were sharing a glistening tomato

fuck, i don't even know if you like tomatoes.
do you angel?
sometimes i don't know if i know you at all.
here i am, anyway, falling for you again
10 years later.

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