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15 May 2002 / 8:56 p.m.
.:  poison town

i am angry. i haven't been this angry in a long, long time.

the piss town i grew up in is incestuous and poisoned. everyone i know from there knows everyone else. this is especially true of those of us that were outsiders. we were so few that we stuck together. listened to old Japan records together. confused the foreign exchange student together.

at best, there were one or two degrees of seperation between us freak kids. every now and then someone tells me something new, a new perspective on someone i thought i knew. i got one of those tonight. i hate you now. i hate you for what you did to her. i swear to god if i am ever in that poison town again i will look you up and i will make you fucking bleed, you bastard. you fucking liar.

i am going in the backyard to smash something.

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