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23 Apr 2002 / 1:58 p.m.
.:  colorado. rainfall.

i managed to get on my stepfather's nerves last night, and my brother's nerves this morning. this is about right: usually it takes about 5 days. i've been in colorado for about 6 days. back to reno on thursday or friday, i think. coming out here is good: it is quiet and slow, and i can think clearly. this visit has been warm (usually i come back in the winter) and i spend hours on the deck under the lilacs.

there is no traffic, no noise - just the occasional neighbor peering over the fence to exchange hellos. mike tells me twice in one day how dry the summer will be. he asks about reno: will it be dry there? i tell him i don't know, but probably yes. reno is always dry - curled at the bottom of the rainshadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains. rain in reno isn't the monsoons that i grew up with in southern arizona. there, the rain was violent: afternoons settle into a suffocating stillness, cicadas go quiet and black thunderstorms race in from the mojave and sonora deserts. they empty themselves in pounding drops, steaming on pavement. water tears down storm drains and gulches. in 30 minutes they are gone; in an hour the water is evaporated from cement and rooftops. the cactii are fat and green, and that's the only way to tell it had rained at all.

in portland the rain is constant: grey clouds sit on tops of broadleaf covered hills and quietly drop water for hours. sometimes the sun shows through the clouds and drops and there are prisms. it is calm and dark - nothing like the violence of the desert.

portland: 10 days. apprehension was replaced by a calm sometime in the last 48 hours. i don't know when - it was very slow and quiet in coming.

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