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07 Apr 2002 / 1:33 a.m.
.:  sharp architecture

portland: things have come together. a place to live, money to survive. optimism. i quit worrying about it, and the cosmos took care of details.

this last week has been full. tied up loose ends at work, saw friends i doubt i'll see again, sorted through things i own (wished i was better at non-materialism), planned trips to mono lake (the spiritual home of seamonkeys) and colorado. went to david's last night and drank beer. got invited to a party next weekend. the girl who invited me has been on my mind today: she was a little drunk, she made me laugh, has curly thick black hair and dark eyes and olive skin. i don't go to parties often: i always feel out of phase. i don't visit the homes of people i don't know very well, either. but she touched my head and asked if i would come and i said yes.

i wondered about leaving places - how it seems that in the last weeks i always seem to go out more, meet more people. once there is a clock, a timer, there's this impetus to go out and live and see what a place has that i've blithely ignored for years.

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