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21 Mar 2002 / 11:45 p.m.
.:  serpent dream

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 15:46:05 -0800 (PST)
From: chris.
To: le.
Subject: a dream...

which, i think, was/is about salvia divinorum. it happened just before dawn.

i was in a large building, a pyramid of glass and steel. it was an amazing construct, a juxtaposition, having a feeling of immense weight and incredible lightness in turn. sometimes together. at first i felt i would lose my balance and felt confused, then i knew that the building was safe. neutral but safe.

a few other people were in my building, moving, sounds muted by industrial blue carpeting. i descended staircases, and found myself in a courtyard. it's design complemented the pyramid, with metal sculpture on top of granite blocks and trapazoids. there were many plants - huge lush tropical ferns and broadleafs, all falling over from the weight of dew. the place was cool but humid, and smelled like rich loam, like farm fields in ohio freshly turned over. a small green serpent came out from one of the granite pots - out of the earth inside. it was bright lime green, with tiny forearms. it's eyes were black and had a spark of fierceness, a promethian fierceness. i was curious. it moved toward me. then i felt dread and ran from it, down to an alcove beneath the building where old women ran a concessionary.

i asked a woman for water, and she gave me coffee. i drank it, and it tasted like the loam in the garden smelled. it was good. i saw the serpent at the top of the stairs; the women saw it too and were upset. they spoke to me, i don't know in what language, but i understood. i climbed the stairs and crushed the serpent with my foot. it writhed, entrails spilling out. they were like flax. there was no blood. it was confused, and i was confused. i went up the rest of the stairs to the garden, and went to sleep. when i awoke, the serpent was next to me, watching me, its flaxen insides wrapped around my fingers.

i woke up.

chris .:

love is metaphysical gravity.

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