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17 Mar 2002 / 11:05 p.m.
.:  quantum elves

on high seas in search of
the sickly sweet milk of selfish love
and knife these for warm fresh blood
in studded crown the thief of souls
the parasites - the bugs of gold
this fertile land now spoiled and sold
de de de de de de de kicker of elves.

two hours' of guided by voices' kicker of elves and fantastic plastic machine's alan ginsberg will fuck you up. trust me.

last night at 4am i read and re-read Lee Smolin's excerpt from The Third Culture. I lay awake, past dawn, watching natal universes come tumbling from black hole birth canals. The combination of quantum gravity postulation, sleep deprivation, and the Aeorta vizualizer for Sonique Media Player is an amazing thing.

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