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22 Oct 2001 / 10:05 a.m.
.:  river convergence. rain. tequila.

josh and i roadtripped to portland on the 13th. i was sick as fuck for the first day (food poisoning) and osh drove pretty much the whole way from mt. shasta all the way up to portland. i managed the early morning drive from reno to shasta. northeastern california is scary. lassen and shasta and the forests are beautiful but the towns are sinister. josh and i were in weed for about 10 mins and the town tried to kill us no less than 3 times.

portland was gorgeous - willamette and columbia rivers criscrossed and merged and opal-colored fog rolled over us every morning. so so different than the deserts where i've lived for the last two decades. tyler and i drove to the coast and crawed up the 101 - skirting coves and watching whitecaps batter ancient rock towers out at sea. tyler showed me a place in oceanside where we snuck through a tunnel in a cliff and appeared on a rock-strewn lonely beach. We stood there for a long time and watched the sea. so so beautiful. the tide was rising again, so we climbed back through the passage.

drank tequila and ate onion rings with mary-suzanne and david and nick. crawled hawthone with tyler and josh and dug through cut-out bins. drank cheap beer and listened to smog and big star and shuggie otis and ol' dirty bastard and mark eitzel. ate amazing cheap cheap cheap Pho and taco bell - which was not so amazing.

i fucking love portland!

i actually didn't send any postcards to anyone, despite swearing up and down that i would. i am a real and true fucker.

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