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13 Mar 2002 / 10:33 p.m.
.:  filtration. demographics. incentives.


listened to lots of chicane. chicane is sort of like an aural muscle relaxant. it's not conciousness expanding, not sweaty fist-pumping's just sort of post-rave ambient trance elevator music. it's pretty, though. prettier than most trance.

beat my .procmailrc file into shape on atari. i had some really strange spam, back-to-back-to-back: penis enlargement, glowsticks buy buy buy!, enhanced nipple sensitivity gel. i guess i am part of the bisexual raver size queen demographic?

i am in desperate need of physical human contact. i don't mean sex, although i would welcome that too. i need a long torso-touching arms-wrapped left hand on the small of my back and right hand on the perpendicular of my neck and shoulder embrace. this need is an analog carrier wave; i am at a peak now. i'll be wanting it for a few days, then it'll pass (whether i get it or not), then build again. most feelings, needs, move through me like that. i try to gratify them when i can, but if not it isn't fatal. if it is, then it's in the tiniest of increments. it won't get that far, though. it never does.

raven, email me something to write about.

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