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03 Mar 2002 / 6:02pm
.:  sushi newcastle

okay. i didn't go to the atomiks show last night. i wanted to, but that wasn't happening for various reasons. instead kellie and rick and i met beth and her friends for korean/japanese food at sushi boat. i'd never met beth before, we'd just talked through aim (aaron introduced us), so i wasn't sure what the story would end up being by the end of the night.

sushi was had, sochu drank, talking talking talking. turns out that beth's friend chris knew most of my friends from InterComm, which just reminded me of how fucking incestuous reno is. everyone knows everyone else. andrew used to own, and he was building a giant sql database that showed who knew who from where, but some sour punk kids threatened to stab him over it or some nonsense so he took it down.

beth is rad, though. hopefully we can drink newcastle together again in the near future.


paul oakenfold is djing at metropolis tonight. chris munz is doing the intellibeams or some lighting thing, and offered to get me on the guest list, but i fucked up and forgot to confirm with him. i am not going to drop 30 bucks on a dj. not even oakenfold.

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