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12 Feb 2002 / 11:31 p.m.
.:  glee. straight up fuckin glee.

worked on a bit today. i keep fucking with borders in my stylesheet. deleting. recreating. deleting. recreating.

i was thinking earlier about people i've spent time with this week - it's rare that i get out and meet new ones; i just don't do it. i don't dislike people, i just get caught up in my headspace and forget to go out and say hi to my house mates - let alone bother with going out out. gotta remember to do this more often.

several things are right with me tonight:

i have new toothpaste. a new razor. walked - showered - stretched. listening to trans am's cocaine computer & where do you want to fuck today? in a recursive death loop of dub-heavy beats and prog riffing.

my brain is cooking in endorphins!

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