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10 Feb 2002 / 5:08 a.m.
.:  16mm film. indie rock. birthdays.

tonight i went to a punk rock birthday party. it was rad for lots of reasons, most of them are totally ephemeral and if i tried to articulate them here i would fuck them up.

there are a couple of things, though, that i can say about it:

tina and david's band is really good. honestly, i didn't have expectations one way or another - i knew they'd be playing, i was non-plussed. they were good, though - all over the place stylistically, had great energy, and some raw talent. everybody was up and moving and smiling. the redemptive power of rock 'n roll.

i met some cool people. i don't meet many people; i do, but i am usually so caught up in my own head that i don't really pay proper attention. i knew david was great; i work with him so there were no surprises there. tina, his sister, the birthday girl, is super rad. she sang and played music and talked and listened. she's beautiful, but i knew that from the first time i'd met her at the company xmas party. i didn't pay much attention to that - that fact that physically she's attractive, i mean - was much more interested in watching her and other people play and do their thing. i met chris, too - an artgeek - he told me about having Beat Street on 16mm film. really nice guy. we're going to hang out - maybe next weekend.

it was a good night. nice end to an otherwise fuct up week.

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