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02 Feb 2002 / 8:47 p.m.
.:  blackbox

i am supercharged tonight. unspent energy curls and uncurls fingers. my eyes dart. i feel like i am waiting for something to drop.

i tried listening to pizzicato five earlier - it was a bad choice - it felt forced, frenetic, counter to what my body was feeling. i put in recoil's blackbox. 14 minutes of looped atmospherics, sinister and brooding. the music is about the crash of a fighter jet in northern scotland - the musician was only a few hundred feet from where it happened. it is an extrapolation; what was in the co-pilot's head when that shit went down? this track throbs; it is a bass framework articulated by dark strings.

last night aaron and i went to a trance party in east reno. it was smallish; had good naive energy and optimism. it was nice to sweat and throw my hands up. outside, i smoked and felt sweat freezing on my face.

my house mate is fucking her boyfriend across the hall. it is loud bang bang bang sob ooh GODjesus! fucking. i can hear bodies and voices in between digital bass.

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