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11 Jan 2002 / 12:17 p.m.
.:  cat senryu. a lama.

we have cats. i wrote senryus about them:

black adventure pig
outside; january rain
brings more damned mud inside

hai! martin jumped the fence
no easy task for that round cat
behold! zen focus.

katie licks her coat
grass hairballs restore balance
to carpet samsara.


Pema was a 13-year-old Tibetan kid growing up in Wyoming when Cybersangha interviewed him. Pema's a reincarnation of a Lama, and is a Tonglen instructor. He is also a big money hustla.

Here's a bit of one of his interviews:

CyberSangha: Dont you see any contradictions in that? The Dalai Lama, for example, constantly teaches non-violence, despite being terribly oppressed all his life.

Pema: (laughing) Oh yeah, right. The Dalai Lama is an awesome old dude and a killer teacher. But hes got like a dozen bodyguards around him when he's travelling. What do you think would happen if some butthead pulls a gun on His Holiness? Do you think those dozen bodyguards will practice non-violence, or shoot the guy in the arm or bust some karate move on him?
No way man, a bodyguard sees this dweeb with a gun and hes gonna pop a cap in his ass.

the rest of the interview is here.

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