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08 Jan 2002 / 10:23 a.m.
.:  latitudes

today is moving slow. like languid river sleepy slow, not painful slow. there is a database i am supposed to be building, but it's tangledup in a diiferent dept right now, which is fine by me. I am happy staring out my window past the Hilton. Peavine Mountain is olive-colored through the haze, capped in snow and white cloud. in seattle is looking for a developer support specialist. i look at my resume, then at the requirements, and back again. i want to live in Portland, really, not Seattle, but i really don't want to live in Reno anymore. i have never stayed in one place very long, reno's been the longest at 4 and a half years. i want to move somewhere new, somewhere rainy and green and close to the sea. also, i want to travel. steve has a good travel list.

naked andy is rockclimbing in thailand. he is bringing me back a bronze buddha. thai buddha is slim and his face looks open and sly all at the same time, like maybe there's more to the nap under the bodhi tree than he said. andy said a troupe of monkeys raided his hut. they ate a bit, then decided fun was a good idea and tossed his food and clothes around.


so i applied to i think it was because i was listening to the psychedelic furs this afternoon. richard inspires like a john hughes film.

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