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01 Jan 2002 / 5:38 a.m.
.:  notes on places and ppl

lately: back from colorado. awesome visit; ate oregon psilocybin mushrooms with my psychedelic virgin brother - we spent a cold night trapped in a christmas ornament sky listening to schbert's Erlkonig and alison goldfrapp and bjork. hung out with my mom. played with animals, including a st bernard.

just got back from jake's new year's party. met a nice girl named mouse, got fucking plowed, played darts, smoked, schemed. really good people. drank tuaca (bad) / eschewed southern comfort (good).

after sleep i'll try to find a new job, a new apartment, a new place for snakecharmer goes down jan-08. note to self: don't do business with friends in the industry. sorry for the broken css - 's why diaryland looks fuct. hopefully will fix it soon.

raven, sorry i missed you when i was out in colorado. maybe a trip to reno for you this year?


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